Adding a conservatory to your property is the simplest way of creating addition living space in your home.

It doesnt matter how you want your conservatory to look or what eventual feel your hoping to create – because there will most certainly be a style within our conservatory portfolio to suit your needs.

The main choices on offer include: Victorian, Georgian, Gable, Sunrooms and Lanturn. Please see below.


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One of the most frequently seen styles of conservatories, the Victorian can be distinguished by its traditional front elevation comprising of 3 or 5 facets and use of ornate detailing along the centre of the roof.


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A modern interpretation of a regal age in British architectural history, Georgian conservatories are typically characterised by their square or rectangular footprint. This in turn means they are incredibly space efficient – allowing you to enjoy the maximum possible floor space.


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Few styles capture the proud architectural heritage of the conservatory quite like the gable. Reminiscent of the grand orangeries and classical conservatories of yesteryear, this type of conservatory enjoys an imposing front elevation with the windows extending to the apex of the roof.


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Maybe you’re looking for something a little less ornate. Perhaps you live in a bungalow or a house with low eaves.

Either way, a sunroom or low pitch conservatory equates to the perfect design solution. Sometimes referred as a Mediterranean, lean-to or studio room, this style enjoys crisp, clean lines and has a truly modern feel. Minimalism has never been more exciting.

Lantern Top

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Lantern roofs are the perfect finishing touch to any conservatory. Formed by a second tier of windows to maintain the roof, Lanterns add height and presence to the overall construction.

More than that, they also help increase the feeling of interior space. The second tier of windows can also incorporate openers in increase ventilation as well as decorative glazing panels for the ultimate in aesthetic appeal.


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