There’s no better way to improve the look of your home than to replace those tired, flaky timber sofits & fascias with PVC.

Not only will you never have to paint them again but it just gives you peace of mind that they will never rot like timber.

Basically once it’s done it’s done, thats why we off you a 15 year guarantee!

We don’t just paper over the cracks


Time again we see people who have had pvc capping board fitted which goes over the top of you timbers leaving them to still rot behind the pvc, you can’t see it but it will happen.

It may be cheaper at the time but is it really such a good idea? The rotten wood will still remain you just wont be able to see it.

This is why we fully remove all timbers and replace with pvc, not only this but we will remove 2 rows of tiles cut back the felt leaving it rot free and install a plastic eves tray to guide any excess water right into the gutter. We also install a birds comb Which stops birds from nesting in your roof and causing rot to your felt.

We can offer you a comprehensive  range of roofline products that a suitable for a multitude of properties. No matter what your budget we can tailor a package to suit.

Our fascia boards are available in many styles, and as well as the standard white we can also offer black, light oak, rosewood and a selection of real wood foils to keep the authentic look to your property.

Main benefits of replacing your roofline..

  • 100% recyclable

  • Can be recycled up to 10 times

  • More thermally efficient than timber

  • Weather resistant

  • Working life of 40+ years

  • Does not need painting

  • No repeat or regular repairs to timber

  •  low maintenance which saves you money

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