Due to its impressive aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance and long life, glass has become an increasingly popular choice for conservatories. Recognising this, k2 now manufacture their own range of high performance ‘smart’ glass called Celsius.

The Celsius range primarily offers two types of glazing – Celsius and Celsius clear. Celsius, with its subtle blue tint is mainly employed in the roof, helping to reduce glare to a more agreeable level whereas its counterpart – Celsius clear, with its neutral appearance, is ideal for the side frames.

Celsius has a unique coating which enables it to help conservatories cooler in the summer (by reflecting excessive solar heat away) as well as warmer in the winter (by deflecting heat from inside the home back into the property). It also offers dramatically increased sound insulation.

Celsius also has an ‘easy clean’ capability which allow water to run off the glass taking most of the dirt and grime with it.

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